AcadiaOceanAdventures aligning itself with the American Canoe Association.

Pebbles on the beach for some…for students and instructors in this pic…formulating a game plan for anticipation is the key to success !

As a Maine Guide in the Kayak industry and sport we are constantly being challenged with our ever changing environments. On a daily basis we can seem to experience all 4 seasons in the matter of hours. In fact if you haven’t heard it already one of the saying here in Maine (and we have many) but in regards to the weather is ‘Just wait 5 minutes’. It’s easy to get complacent or even just be happy with where were at in our paddling skills. For some a quiet day on the pond or just a calm coastal cruise is all we need…and oh yeah maybe a few sightings of some cool wildlife and the obligatory picture of a light house..ha.

I knew when creating AcadiaOceanAdventures that we would have to not only see but also meet these certain challenges head on. Be it by Kayak, SUP or Sailboat it is our promise to continue to not only strive but also educate ourselves in this very special ever changing coastal environment.

By aligning ourselves with the American Canoe Association as a Awarded Level 3 trip Leader we simply pull away from the rest of the crowds in regards to our commitment to the sport. We surround ourselves with other committed leaders developing water skills and supporting and encouraging a healthy living and social responsibility. We have begun to form a new community with in the paddling industry here on Mount Desert Island and we happily encourage you to be a part of it.

Special thanks to : Todd Wright Director of Adventure sports, Saint Michaels College Vermont / all around Bad As* , Nate Hanson Owner Operator Pinniped Kayak Ellsworth Maine / Top notch instructor & Mentor , Jake Tayor , Educator and adventure sports trainer.

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