Taking it all in on Somes Sound!

Named after one of the 1st settlers on the island Abraham Somes, this body of water running deep into Mount Desert Island is one of the main sites of Acadia National Park. Join us for a very unique boat trip where we load up boats on a boat. You heard that right…boats on a boat. We load up to 4 kayaks and or SUPs on our center console boat and take in the cruise to sightseeing along the way to the head of Somes Sound. From there we deploy our water craft and paddle along what is considered to be the only fjard (a deep carved out glacial depression or valley surrounded by steep mountains). Our captain then maintains a safe distance keeping a good eye out for our paddlers helping to maintain their safety along the way. If paddling along just isn’t your thing, thats totally ok to, as you are more than welcome just to hang on the boat and take it all in from there. We allow ourself about 3 hours for this adventure, half of which is covering 3mi of paddling and the other half simply taking in the sites / nature cruise. We always say we don’t tip the wildlife but there is a good chance of seeing some harbor seals, porpoise, bald eagles and way more!

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