Getting off the beaten path and over to Isle a haut involves a few logistics as the number of visitors allowed to this section of Acadia National Park is limited. We’re happy to say we have those logistics well figured out! Isle a haut is a beautiful island off the coast of Stonington, Maine. With a round trip boat ride of close to 3 hours, it is fair enough to say the boat ride itself is an adventure. While this is the longest of the trips we do, the idyllic scenery along the way is pretty much jaw dropping gorgeous with every turn of the head. There are 18miles of trails offering opportunities to explore rocky shorelines, wooded uplands, marshes, bogs, and a mile long freshwater lake. While hiking in Isle a haut is big high light there is no doubt you will also want to save some time to make a stop along one of the many islands along merchants row on the way back! This trip is for sure one for the books !! Please continue to follow us for more info and news on our ‘Adventures of the day’ !!

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