About Us

After spending 18 plus years living on or near the Ocean It is finally our time to offer what we consider to be some of our best experiences on the water to you. Mount Desert Island is our home and we consider Acadia National Park and its surrounding waters to be our backyard.

Owner and Operator Captain Christopher Scott

As owner and operator of Acadia Ocean Adventures it is my top priority to make sure your Adventure of the Day is Awesome! After spending almost two decades both living and working on the water I feel it is finally my time to share my passion for the sea with you. I will work hands on acting as both your USCG licensed captain and your registered Maine state kayak guide. There are a few things that are always top priority in my world no matter where I am. Safety always being number one. Second is respect for our marine environment and all of its inhabitants and third in all seriousness is respect for one another. I look forward to meeting you and not only sharing my experiences but also creating new ones with you.

all paws on deck

When it comes to motivation and getting out on the water it doesn’t take much convincing to get Ashley to grab her SUP and her pup! As a true native to Mount Desert Island, Ashley is more than happy to help you navigate your day in and around Acadia and all the adventures it has to offer. If you don’t find her on her SUP you will most likely find her helping with all the other finer details to make your day here at Acadia Ocean Adventures smooth sailing.