Summer Sailing Programs

These programs are private and are custom tailored for each individual. We here at Acadia Ocean Adventures believe safety on the water is one of the most formidable skills a person can develop. By building awareness of our surroundings while on the water, we are also able to build confidence and in return develop critical leadership skills.

We will help to lay a solid foundation not only for sailing but also for sound judgement when it comes to coastal navigation, winds and tides, lakes and explorations of Mount Desert Island and beyond. We are happy to help with everything from a brush up lesson, to flying your first spinnaker or even taking a deeper dive and helping you plan your first trip down the coast. We find these certain skills are critical to not only surviving but also for thriving in a outdoor water based environment.

Please feel free to message directly for more detailed information on pricing and scheduling.

From a brush up lesson with already skilled sailors to our 1st day on the helm, we always strive to make every experience ‘The Adventure of the Day’ !