The adventure continues !!

Beautiful weather + family & friends = Good Times !!

More ways to get out on the water then ever!

This past year has been a challenging year to say the very least ! But within it, we here at Acadia Ocean Adventures have not only found the silver lining but have also just added more water line in general : ) With the demand to get out on the water away from the crowds bigger than ever, we were happy to help oblige. This is where I begin my subtle apology for not being better at posting. If you thought I was bad at keeping up with it before…this past season has left no minute to be left unturned / un-enjoyed out on the water and definitely not a whole lot of time to sit in front of a computer. I believe this to be a good thing : ) We are excited to have added 2 new boats to our mix. The 1st being a 19′ Cape Dory Typhoon. This boat has been a wonderful addition for both lessons and as a rental for those that have a solid set of sailing skills themselves. The 2nd boat new to the mix is a 22′ power boat that comfortably takes 6 passengers out on super fun excursions, picnics and nature cruises. Our season is not over yet…so the excitement continues ! Please stay tuned / feel free to follow us on our instagram or Facebook page !!

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