Always Exploring !!

It’s amazing to me…no matter how many times I have been back to a few of these islands here off the coast of Maine, there always seems to be something new. Be it a cove we have yet to anchor in because possibly the tide or conditions weren’t just right for that day, or a new trail I have yet to travel…or maybe simply the light of the day at that certain time of the day is now illuminating something magical I had yet to see before. This way of life…’The way life should be’ … will never get old for me. Especially when getting the opportunity to show people for their very 1st time ! This past week we checked off both a new island all together and revisited one of our favorites…best way I can sum it all up is ALWAYS EXPLORING…ALWAYS EXPLORING!!


Getting off the beaten path and over to Isle a haut involves a few logistics as the number of visitors allowed to this section of Acadia National Park is limited. We’re happy to say we have those logistics well figured out! Isle a haut is a beautiful island off the coast of Stonington, Maine. With a round trip boat ride of close to 3 hours, it is fair enough to say the boat ride itself is an adventure. While this is the longest of the trips we do, the idyllic scenery along the way is pretty much jaw dropping gorgeous with every turn of the head. There are 18miles of trails offering opportunities to explore rocky shorelines, wooded uplands, marshes, bogs, and a mile long freshwater lake. While hiking in Isle a haut is big high light there is no doubt you will also want to save some time to make a stop along one of the many islands along merchants row on the way back! This trip is for sure one for the books !! Please continue to follow us for more info and news on our ‘Adventures of the day’ !!

Little Cranberry Island

Our ‘Adventures of the day’ bring us to some pretty cool places!!

Islesford and the rest of Little Cranberry Island, has a very unique and relaxed island lifestyle that is desired by many. The experience is like being able to take informal, safe, and unfettered strolls throughout a large extended neighborhood, where soon, you begin feeling as if you are a welcome member of that community yourself. People are relaxed, very friendly, and accommodating. This warm and inviting hospitality is why so many people desire to vacation on the coast of Maine. It is a place, surrounded by ocean, where you can relax and get recharged at the same time. The fact that you can get some of the best seafood in the country here, does not hurt either!

If you want an off the beaten path experience…join us for a super fun boat trip out to the village of Frenchboro.

The town of Frenchboro

Maine Coast Heritage & Trust / Frenchboro Preserve is accessible only by boat and is striking with beauty. This very small island offers challenging hiking trails that begin near Lunt Harbor’s working waterfront and lead to dramatic rocky bluffs, remote beaches and stunning views of Mount Desert Island. The town population hovering somewhere around 50 people we think it’s fair enough to say it’s ‘on the water and away from the crowds’. Which you know we love!! Not only does it feel like your turning back time when coming out here, but Frenchboro is also great for wildlife observation and photography of the rugged Atlantic shoreline.

Taking it all in on Somes Sound!

Named after one of the 1st settlers on the island Abraham Somes, this body of water running deep into Mount Desert Island is one of the main sites of Acadia National Park. Join us for a very unique boat trip where we load up boats on a boat. You heard that right…boats on a boat. We load up to 4 kayaks and or SUPs on our center console boat and take in the cruise to sightseeing along the way to the head of Somes Sound. From there we deploy our water craft and paddle along what is considered to be the only fjard (a deep carved out glacial depression or valley surrounded by steep mountains). Our captain then maintains a safe distance keeping a good eye out for our paddlers helping to maintain their safety along the way. If paddling along just isn’t your thing, thats totally ok to, as you are more than welcome just to hang on the boat and take it all in from there. We allow ourself about 3 hours for this adventure, half of which is covering 3mi of paddling and the other half simply taking in the sites / nature cruise. We always say we don’t tip the wildlife but there is a good chance of seeing some harbor seals, porpoise, bald eagles and way more!

Our Second Language

There is a secret language that is spoken amongst those that seek the off the beaten path adventures. It so happens to be our second language. Today we had the opportunity to chat all day with some of these amazing people. If your looking for an unforgettable trip ‘On the water and away from the crowds’ please feel free to contact us anytime…we would love to speak to you!

The adventure continues !!

Beautiful weather + family & friends = Good Times !!

More ways to get out on the water then ever!

This past year has been a challenging year to say the very least ! But within it, we here at Acadia Ocean Adventures have not only found the silver lining but have also just added more water line in general : ) With the demand to get out on the water away from the crowds bigger than ever, we were happy to help oblige. This is where I begin my subtle apology for not being better at posting. If you thought I was bad at keeping up with it before…this past season has left no minute to be left unturned / un-enjoyed out on the water and definitely not a whole lot of time to sit in front of a computer. I believe this to be a good thing : ) We are excited to have added 2 new boats to our mix. The 1st being a 19′ Cape Dory Typhoon. This boat has been a wonderful addition for both lessons and as a rental for those that have a solid set of sailing skills themselves. The 2nd boat new to the mix is a 22′ power boat that comfortably takes 6 passengers out on super fun excursions, picnics and nature cruises. Our season is not over yet…so the excitement continues ! Please stay tuned / feel free to follow us on our instagram or Facebook page !!