Coastal Cruising / Coastal Skills ACA L3 IDW

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend the day on the water with a super cool group of paddlers ! Special shout out to Nate Hanson with Pinniped Kayak ! Nate is always there to help take my kayaking skills to the next level. If you never taking any of his it ! Not only did I have the opportunity to check back in with my own skill set ( always a good thing to do ) but Pinniped Kayak always leaves me with a whole new set of tools and skills to refine.

Now to the question, what do all these letters mean together and why is there a 3 in the middle..ha ?! Short answer : American Canoe Association Level 3 Instructor Development Workshop. A bit longer of a explanation : Here at Acadia Ocean Adventures we will continue to stay committed to building our skills and adapting to our ever changing environment while paddling. Doing workshops like this helps us cover certain content IE: Risk management, practical navigation, identifying goals for each individual, maneuvering in 2-3ft seas with up to 15kts of wind ( obviously not for everyone but good to train in ) universal principals and much, much more..

Now to sum it up : Kayaking is fun, and its done on the water, so we believe that during kayaking instruction we should be having fun on the water as much as possible! We also believe one of the best ways to get there is keep our own skills personally tuned and refined over and over and over.

Just a Beautiful stop along the East end of Long Porcupine MDI Maine

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