Let the fun begin!

So quick confession…this post was suppose to have gone out yesterday but time and tide wait for no man (see pictures below).

Before I fill ya in on that one, I just wanted everyone to know that all of our boats here at Acadia Ocean Adventures are officialy in the water or are at least inches away from it awaiting their next adventure! There is absoutely no better way to avoid the crowds than being on the water and in a boat. We are ready for the fun and adventures to begin πŸ™‚

Regarding the picture posted below: Here is a prime example on how we do it here in Maine! With our tides typically rising and falling about 10ft, nearly all of that was needed to make this boat float effortlessly off her cradle and be carried out to her new home here at Emery’s Cottages. S/V Journey is a 23ft Catalina sloop. She is a great new addition to our ‘Coastal Cruising Sailing Lessons Program’. More pictures and info to come as we begin to get under way here this summer πŸ™‚

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